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Hey there

I'm redbeardt

Nowadays I spend an inordinate amount of time coding mods for the zombie survival game 7 Days To Die. For some reason, I don't actually release most of the things I make. Maybe I'm scared of maintaining too many things..

I'm actually working on my own overhaul mod, but it turns out it's a hell of a lot of work making an overhaul mod so who knows if it'll ever see the light of day.

In any case, here's a list of what I have done that's publicly visible:

- Active Ingredients - This is my most well-known modlet and the functionality ended up being integrated into several major overhaul mods. It showed up in Undead Legacy but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with my modlet.. 🤔

- Ravenhearst - Since mid-2022 I've been the C#/Harmony dev for the Ravenhearst mod, the original overhaul mod, picking up where w00kien00kie left off.

- Rotato - This is a UI/QoL modlet to make block rotation easier. I just put it out there. I hope people use it!

That's it for now!