Buy Adi a pizza


Redditspeedbot is being invoked more and more and I need you guys to help me keep it running!

Hey there. I am Adi and I run Redditspeedbot, a bot that renders videos to your required speed! It runs on serverless functions and while they are cheap, they still cost money. Currently, they are being covered by my paycheck but it is growing rapidly with more requests every month. In 12 months, it rendered more than 100K videos and gained 160K karma. It currently ranks among Top20 in the list of best bots of Reddit. Redditspeedbot needs around 50$/month for its serverless functions. 

I know this seems little, that's why I am looking for some kind supporters to keep these operation costs in check. Please help me keep the flame burning!

Thanks for the support! :)

PS. All contributors will be permanently added to Redditspeedbot's 'Contributors' post on its profile 🏆.