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Easy Riders 👋 Thank you for checking out this page.

My name is Gary and I run Reel Tours.

I host film location walking tours in Liverpool, so if you would like to discover the cinematic secrets of the city, you can do so, by joining me on a tour.

As well as running the tours, I also host a monthly Live Streamed Film Quiz, online film Watchalongs, Film Location Vlogs and there is also plenty more exciting content on the way - so stay tuned for updates!

If you have enjoyed any of my content and would like to buy me a  (metaphorical) box of Popcorn, that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help out another way, then please subscribe to the Reel Tours YouTube channel (link below) or follow the social media pages and watch/share some of the content.

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Reel Tours

Emma J
Emma J bought 3 box of popcorns.

Sorry, slow on the donation this month but we both enjoyed the quiz last week very much! We did in two parts because we were so tired but made it all the more fun!! Ha! Roll on Christmas fun one next month! 

That's very kind of you. Thanks a bunch for the wonderful support! Glad you enjoyed the quiz and roll on the Christmas Quiz Party!🎉 🎬 

Michael Coulter
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Thanks for the lovely donation! Very kind indeed!🎬 🎉 

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Holly bought 3 box of popcorns.

We had fun doing the quiz again, keeping us entertained, nice one!

This is tremendously kind of you! Thanks a million for the support and for playing!🎉 🎬 

Kath Anderson
Kath Anderson bought 3 box of popcorns.

Thanks Gary (and for the shout out)!! 

Amazingly kind of you! Thanks for supporting & keep up all the awesome!🎬 🎉