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I am Riva, and I help businesses get their message out to target consumers through podcasts and various audio marketing practices. My interest in podcasts as a marketing medium began a decade ago from studying radio as part of my Music Technology degree.

It was a passion for radio that made me start an online radio station dedicated to Underground house music, which at it's peak, attracted over 20,000 weekly listeners. It is during this time I realised the impact of speaking directly to your consumer.

Eventually, I moved on to serve various roles encompassing relationships and customer management with technology companies such as Uber. In these roles, I not only learnt how to effectively service customers but also gained complete knowledge of startup operations, with a strong focus on marketing and branding.

Inspired to explore my interest, I now run my own podcast management business including Pod Wizard; a full-service podcast production agency, PocFeed; a platform that helps POC podcast creators amplify their voice and PodRent; a podcast equipment rental-as-a-service for local Brisbane podcasters.