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Sjef Romijn, a 4/6 Reflector well over 13 years into his experiment, a Living Your Design Guide since 2012 and Rave Cosmologist Teacher since 2016 has put together an elaborate website which features his irregular MoonBlogs both current and dating as far back as the 7th Annual Human Design Event on Ibiza in 2009 where he met many people & teachers into Human Design for the first time.

Become a witness to the unfolding of his personal journey and experiment, or read back on some of his past explorations and the many contemplations that go with it.

Written in English and including a deepening exploration of Transit Tracking for all Types and quite a few entries on the Lunar Cycle itself, there are 2 Introductions to Human Design translated into Dutch as well.

Also the Baffo ©®™ expressions and a more regular Blog all indexed & categorized by multiple tags make for an easy site navigation. As much as it is a joy to build, host and fill such a website with content, Sjef has made quite the effort to make it pleasant for the reader too.