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Here's some things that I did.

OpenSource stuff on BitBucket

Stuff I made while learning new skills. Maybe it's useful as a reference for you?

TapTen - a microgame for Android

How many times can you tap in ten seconds? But tap a single time after ten seconds has passed and you get 0 points!

Predictor - an android app to make predictions and show off your foresight

Make a prediction, whether it be about a sports result, an election winner, or anything else. It logs your prediction and the time you made it, and it can't be edited or deleted. You say you called it? Prove it, by showing off your original prediction with Predictor.

It's Locked - a Twine interactive story

You've got to get out of here.

Twitter Bot - The Ancient Glade

In the game Outer Wilds, there is a short "quantum poem" where the lines appear in a random order each time you look at it.

This bot tweets a random version each day.

NFTs on Opensea

For a laugh, I put crappy artwork I do in MS Paint on Opensea.


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