Oct 17, 2022

Film recommendations from Mayhem 2022

Mayhem is a film festival that happens in Nottingham every October. It's mostly but not exclusively horror films, also covering sci-fi, fantasy and anything with a dark vibe to it.Assume all these films are for mature audiences only, unless otherwise specified.Here's my recommendations from this year.MY NEW FAVOURITE FILMThis film was so special I had to put it in it's own category.Freaks OutMayhem synopsis: From the creator of Mayhem hit I Am Jeeg Robot, this... more

May 02, 2022

New twitter bot

This weekend I put together a quick Twitter bot.Every day, it tweets a random version of the quantum poem that appears in the game Outer Wilds.Check it out here: https://twitter.com/theancientglade

Oct 18, 2021

Film recommendations from Mayhem 2021

Hey everyone. I just got back from Mayhem Film Festival and thought I'd do a quick write-up of my top recommendations.Mayhem is a horror, sci-fi and cult cinema festival. Keep an eye out for these films, which may appear in cinemas or streaming services like Shudder in the not-too-distant future.Note: I'm sticking these here as a convenience so I can send one link to my friends who don't live close enough to attend this festival. I don't expect anyone to be 'buying me a... more

Mar 07, 2021

Stream Labs Chatbot - grant channel points to the first users to tune in

To support a favourite streamer of mine (Kruffles - check him out!), I have rewritten a StreamLabs Chatbot script to support a larger number of users.Essentially, the first N users to tune into your stream type !first and will be rewarded with some bonus channel points.You can configure how many users to reward, how many points to give to whoever is first, and how much to lower that reward by for each subsequent winner.I've published the source code here:... more

May 09, 2020

Predictor - an app for predicting things

This app is now on the play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.regularcolin.predictorI'm going to use it to predict wrestling match winners. Maybe you'll find a use for it too.

May 07, 2020

TapTen - an android microgame

I am now on the Play store with TapTen."A simple microgame where you have to tap as many times as you can in ten seconds - WITHOUT tapping a single time after ten seconds is up!Set your high score and see if you can beat your... more

Sample: CI/CD development with docker and kubernetes
TapTen - an android microgame
Predictor - an app for predicting things
Stream Labs Chatbot - grant channel points to the first users to tune in
Film recommendations from Mayhem 2021


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