During the last several months, a lot of control panels like cPanel have increased their price by several folds. And the free control panels available out there aren't performant or they are overloaded with unnecessary software. After struggling to find any clean and performant control panel to manage servers, I decided to develop a free control panel from scratch.

I have been loving ServerPilot for its simplicity and for its secure and optimized software stack. And it's the inspiration behind FastCP.

Here are some of the features that I have implemented in FastCP:

  • It's built using Django and VueJS

  • Uses inbuilt auth of Linux to authenticate users

  • Configures NGINX + Apache + PHP-FPM for performance and security

  • Uses ACLs to prevent unauthorized access of user data

  • Uses Let's Encrypt to provision free SSL certificates

  • One-click WordPress deployment

  • Create sub-users so they will be able to create/manage their sites

  • Targets the LTS releases of Ubuntu starting Ubuntu 20.04

This project is fully open-source and it can be found here and you are welcome to contribute to it. Let's make FastCP a great control panel together. You can either contribute code, open issues to identify bugs and possibilities of enhancements or you can financially support this project so we will dedicate more time maintaining it. Thank you!