Buy reika a costume shard


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

^ This is the default text.

What you can expect from buying me a costume shard (coffee):

Currently I have nothing to offer even if you buy me some coffee. You can try request something however, I'll see if that's reasonable.


You can definitely check out the "Extras" section, there will be some stuff from time to time.

What you can expect from joining membership:

Irregularly members-only shitposts, cosplay photos, random advice, recommendations. Yeah, irregular. I'll maintain at least 2 contents per month tho (including throwbacks)

What can you expect from doing nothing?

I'll still post random shits irregularly


Thanks for reading so far. As a bonus, try right-click the image above and select "Open image in new tab" option.

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My Instagram and Twitter are both in hiatus but you still can reach me over there. My Facebook is quite personal so nope.

Yes I'm a guy lol