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Reine (Ren) as my name is so am I. 
After a long days journey through the rough jungle of life. 
I've traveled to the furthest bookstores and crossed the longest Starbucks, with my laptop in hand,  fighting off strangers for the best seat to continue my greatest adventure yet.
What is that you might ask?
Well, I guess you will have to stick around and find out.

I plan to show people all the things I am passion about, my life's up and downs as well as the new and old things I will try or try again. A special place for me to be non-other then me. I want my channel to represent freedom. The freedom to be silly and enjoy the little things in life. To spark a passion in others. A voice for those who can not speak. But most importantly I want to enjoy doing what I do as much as those watching me.