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About Me

I'm Ren (they/them), I'm a nonbinary genderfluid creator. I'm a writer, parent and tired screaming opossum, a Coventry kid raised in rural Wales. 

I have a wife, two kids, five cats and some chickens. 

My five-year-old is a wonderful gender creative lego builder and budding ballet dancer and scientist.

My 18-month-old is a tough fearless little thing who loves cats and ducks and is currently battling Hepatoblastoma and has just received a liver transplant

My Work

I write a blog, creative queer fiction and educational instagram posts.

I write about parenting as a visibly queer person (both online and off), mental health acceptance, gender creative parenting, all manner of education on queer subjects as well all the weird stuff my kids and cats get up to.

My fiction is mostly fantasy and sci-fi, all with queer characters. You can check my extras for some of my work.

Supporting me supports this. Supports education about queer people, queer identities, and queer families. It supports mental health acceptance, especially among parents, and it supports my kids and my cats.

How To Support 

You can buy me a cup of tea or buy something from my shop.

But, it's not all money. You can share my blog, follow my instagram, engage on my posts, invite me to guest post, interview me for your articles or just say hi.

Hire Me

I can create for you. 

Articles, blog posts, designs, Instagram posts, badges, get in touch and see how we can work together.

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