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I am Renuka Gavrani, an avid reader and writer who is deeply in love with slow & intentional living. I started my journey as a writer in 2019 on Quora when I didn't even know I can someday be a writer. My purpose was to simply answer those questions which I had in mind when I was going through the dark phase of my life.

After struggling for almost 2 years (as every writer does), I finally found out what I like writing about and how to grow as a writer.

I am on a mission to transform people's mindset around small yet significant things that eventually define our future. 

Hence, I started writing on Medium and with God's grace and your constant support, I have received so much love that it's hard to express in words how grateful I am (even when I am a writer)

My journey as a teenager and as a writer wasn't easy. And with my writing, I try to save your time, emotions, and future from the mistakes, difficulties and dark phases that I had been through.

Your contribution helps me to keep going on and look forward to creating more as an independent writer.