Fighting to give Greyhounds on Death Row a loving, happy, family home.

Runners helping Runners save Irish racing Greyhounds on Death Row. Yep, that’s right, Death Row. This is where the Greyhounds that have no interest in racing or making their owners, or the greyhound racing industry a pound note end up. If they’re not rescued in 7 days, they are destroyed. 

We are also trying help ban greyhound racing fullstop. Dogs die weekly at these tracks, all in the name of entertainment  

Please, please can you spare the price of a coffee or two so we can get these magnificent dogs to safety and finally a loving family home. I always hear that runners always support runners, and believe me these guys and gals can run.........

Thanks a million 

Rescued by Runners

Andrea bought a coffee.
Sue Welton bought a coffee.

Well Done Tim on completely the London to Brighton bike ride x 

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Yes uncle Tim! Absolute boyo! 

Sharon bought 3 coffees.

Keep up the good work Tim xx

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Happy to share a coffee ☕️ or 3 with you. Great cause - go Tim xxx