Hi all, thank you for your support.

I am Jonathan Besler of Calgary Alberta, born at Kitimat BC; 1st born of Kenneth of Vancouver BC; 1st born of Emil of St. Boswells Saskatchewan; 1st born of Henry of Landestreu Galicia (now Zelenyi Yar Ukraine); scion of Phillip of Biedesheim (west of the Rhine) Germany; with 3 sons to carry my name.

Based on my research at Ancestry.com, combining places, dates, and events; my paternal ancestors fled the Palatinate in the late 1700s following the French Revolution and ahead of Napoleon’s scorched-earth expansion to the Rhine; trying to escape the purges of the new socialist world order.

They took refuge as far east as they could, for a century, to the other end of the Habsburg realm in Galicia, which is now western Ukraine.

Unfortunately new troubles arose a century later, and with the turn of the 1900s they settled in Saskatchewan to help build this country.
[My maternal Mennonite side came earlier and settled in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.]

Now it’s my struggle to deal with the ravages of socialist totalitarianism.

The difference is, rather than fleeing to some new land, my only choice (whether I like it or not) is to stand up and resist.

I've broadly been resisting the advance of socialism in Canada for over two decades, beginning with joining the Army Reserves as a Combat Engineer from 1995-2001 and working to normalise peaceful protests in Alberta for a decade, and I'm pleased to see others are finally following suit.

Again, thank you for your support and for stepping up to join the cause.