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Hi, there! I'm Ebony Pollard of Resilience Everyday, a blog centered around mental health awareness for the mompreneur and the mompreneur lifestyle.

My heartfelt mission is to provide content and resources to uplift the busy mompreneur battling mental and emotional overwhelm while attempting to balance momming and business. As a mother and entrepreneur who has battled chronic mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, I know the ebbs and flows of the mompreneur life.

More times than I care to count, I buckled under the pressure. I pushed myself so far that I eventually broke, experiencing burnout and deep debilitating depression. I fought long and hard to come out of that dark place and now I'm ready to tell other women, especially mompreneurs, how I did it and how they can, too.

By "buying me a coffee, you are showing your support for mental health awareness and a joy-filled, empowered life for mompreneurs. Contributions will be gratefully used toward maintaining the Resilience Everyday blog.

Thank you in advance and don't forget to join the mailing list so you never miss a new post or announcement.