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What is Resuminator?

Resuminator is a supercharged single-page resume builder tool that provides the fastest and the simplest resume-building experience. 

Reasons why you should try it out

⭐ Create multiple resumes on a single account!

⭐ What you see is what you get editor for hassle-free resume building

⭐ Single and Two Column Resumes

⭐ Customize fonts, spacing, and resume colours

⭐ Arrange your resume layout with drag-n-drop.

⭐ Dark Mode Support for all the late-night last moment resumes!

What does your support mean to us?

Resuminator is a completely free and open-source project built and maintained by a duo from India and is backed by our community and contributors.

You can support the development of this project if you believe this project added value to your life or could potentially add value to the lives of others. Your support helps us keep the servers and domain running and covers the maintenance budget for the project.

This way it helps us keep Resuminator free and running for all.


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