In my recent live stream, which many of you joined, I showed the use of the new MEGA65 core flash utility. I'd not used the new flasher previously, and I had a disjoined presentation during the live stream. Producer Mislav, shared an approximate time of 10 minutes for the old process, but I wanted to grab an actual time and compare it to the new core flasher. My secondary goal was to document using the new flasher. That was extremely confusing in my live stream. As a final plus, I was curious about how to include a timer in my video editor of choice, DaVinci Resolve.

You may have already seen the final product, but if you missed it, you can watch it below:

I'm sharing here to provide my BMAC members more content and some behind the scenes. Finally, I want to welcome my latest VIC-20 level member! As is inherent in this membership level, no names, just a huge THANK YOU and WELCOME.