Hi everyone,

To get ready for new things coming in 2021, I would like to announce a rebrand. There will be a few changes coming however, please read the following:

  • RetroYuuki Gaming is combining with The Infinite Zone, a project via Twitter and YouTube where I do videos in the voice of a character. The character in question is Infinite the Jackal from Sonic Forces. This project is the only one with a character in mind at this point. A page name change is not in effect at this time, but a Infinite Zone page may be created for those who are interested.

  • Early access content will be open to all Twitter Followers, Facebook friends, and those on Buy me a Coffee and Patreon. This will go into effect starting this Wednesday when the "Infinite Visits Deviantart: SonAlly Edition" video comes to early access.

  • Early Access will be for a one day affair. The videos on YouTube go public the morning after, normally around 9 - 10 AM PST depending on my class schedule for the following day

  • RetroYuuki World will now become RetroYuuki Kids and will feature a kid friendly edition of RetroYuuki Gaming. The Infinite Zone YouTube channel will contain videos that are not suitable for younger audiences. This will be my first dip into Kid Friendly content. Unlike in The Infinite Zone, this channel uses my normal voice with no voice mods.

  • RetroYuuki World on Facebook will be closing down this week. All those on that page will soon be asked to move over to RetroYuuki and/or the Yuuki Crew group. Those who wish to get more Mario mods will be able to get them on RetroYuuki, The Infinite Zone (Mature Edition), and the upcoming RetroYuuki Kids page

  • Those on Buy me a Coffee and Patreon will get a slight rebrand with the only thing being that I will be calling it the Retrofinity Zone to combine the names.

    This rebrand will be starting this week and will take a few days. Stream schedule will not be affected by this rebrand. Thanks for your support everyone and enjoy!