Greetings to the Faith Talk listening community, 

It is apparent that many people make judgments about God, Christianity, the church and religion based on what they observe religious people doing, and/or what they have been told by someone. These conclusions are often drawn without a critical look into the themes articulated through the biblical text. In response, Faith Talk will engage several books, letters and themes from the Bible to provide a measure of clarity for people who may have never read the Bible and are curious, or those who are young in the faith seeking further understanding. Our first session will be held Sunday July 24th 2022 4:00 EST live on the Wisdom App.

The session will be facilitated by Rev Jay Stuart Glover welcoming special guest Prof. Jacqueline Goffe-McNish. The discussion will be primarily centered on themes arising from the Genesis creation narrative. 

Be there,

Rev Jay Stuart Glover