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Welcome to RG Sessions...

With the music scene taking an everlasting beating due to this pandemic, and live work looking like a distant dream, I've decided to put together this new series called RG Sessions. Since the summer of 2020, I've put out a few videos with some of my musician friends from the UK and USA which have been well received. As many of these musicians are still out of work (as with myself), I wanted to put together something that could help support these world class musicians and bring you, our valued supporters, ever improving content and music!

With "RG Sessions", I'll be inviting many of my musician friends to create new original and cover music/videos for all of you to enjoy. My hope is to create a supportive community through this page that will in some way help these fine musicians survive this terrible situation we're all in until we're able to get out and play live for you all again!

The advantage of this page over Patreon, for you - the supporter, is that you don't have to join and commit to a month's membership. You can donate when you're able to and be secure in the knowledge that your donation is going to support the music scene we all love. There is an option to join as a member for a recurring, monthly or yearly donation but that decision is entirely up to you! All donations will be split between all the musicians featured in that month's video!

We will be adding more perks to this page for supporters... i.e live, online duo/trio shows when it's save to do so/exclusive merch/discounts on publicly available merch etc. We'll post more about that very soon,

For now I'd like to thank you for being the first people to help support this new series and the musicians involved! We will be posting a video/track a month, with various guests... we hope you'll enjoy them!