Dec 10, 2021

The fight for NFR champ

I love that it’s so close between Hailey and Jordan. It makes it more exciting, and I think everyone stays on their toes. who do you think will take home the title? I was rooting for Dona Kay Rule, and I love that team of her and Valor. Maybe next year!

Dec 02, 2021

NFR day one

The NFR starts tonight!!!! How excited are we?!?!

Nov 26, 2021

Shop Small Market

I’ll be at Vista Feeds tomorrow for the market! 1000-1400hope to see y’all! 💜-rhonda

Nov 25, 2021


Whatever you observe on this day I hope it’s a beautiful day of gratitude and healing for you. so much light & love from my heart to yours-Rhonda P.S. Take a moment to teach someone the truth about the first thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2021


A few years ago I bought a Theraplate, but I rarely use it so I’m selling it or trading for a horse trailer! I’ll keep y’all posted.

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Nov 21, 2021

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