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Remote worker at @whitesmithco | CEO of @apdippt | Passionate about #iOS, #opensource, #fintech and #family


BSc in Informatics Engineering, Ricardo has been working as a software developer since 2006. Worked mainly with Delphi and C++ (on Windows) for 5 years in an ERP software (CentralGest).

He started freelancing while he was finishing his BSc degree and at that time he decided to focus his learning on mobile platforms. As a remote worker, he works extensively with mobile platforms, native frameworks and now he's embracing every part of OpenSource software. He open sourced SocketIOKit, WSTagsField, WSAugmentedCamera and many more, and contributed in other OSS projects too.

He also dedicates his spare time to patients with Primary Immunodeficiency. He's the current CEO of APDIP. He has an Agammaglobulinemia/Bruton.