decide to do it. then decide not to do it. only change your mind 5 minutes later and decide to do it. a daily struggle for me.

"it is in your moments of indecision that your dreams are destroyed"

many things pass us by because we are indecisive. leave that job. or don't. say hello or don't. call or don't call. indecision is a bad thing when it is the default option.

a lot of our indecision stems from the value we put in the opinions of others. acceptance at the cost of ourselves and our peace of mind isn't acceptance.

you shouldn't care about the opinions of others.

make a decision that puts your needs above that of a collective trying to pull you down; a collective that seems to be focussed on limiting you.

if you did read upto this point and felt that you were moved to make a decision, even if that was to close the page, then i feel i have made some kind of difference. a tiny one, but a difference nonetheless.

i wrote this rant while sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people who can't decide on anything. so much for society.

thank you for reading


these micro posts are me trying to make sense of life. if you enjoy them, please share them. if you don't, still share them. there is no bad publicity.