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Hi, I'm Rick … and I'm on a semi-sacred quest.  

Short Version:
I currently live in a converted school bus, trying to create a more focused and slower lifestyle. And believe me, you can't get much slower than driving a skoolie. 😀

Longer Version:
My partner Nikki and I are wandering nomad-style to discover places and cultures, absorbing new ideas as we go. (However pokey that going might be). Life has the ability to teach us so much, if we only allow it time. (Deep, huh?)

Longest Version:
The rat race almost killed me.
Dramatic? Yep!
True? Also yes. 

Basically I'm trying hard not to try so hard. To find joy, happy people, and a life that involves discovery and humor. To smile more and scream less. To eat my vegetables. So I'm turning my own personal bus around and heading in a different direction. And being the overly social person I am, I want to share all of this with you. 

Be healthy and happy my friends.

Rick Higgins

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