Back at the end of 2021 I decided to change everything.  Where and how I lived, what I did for income, making my health a priority, the works.  I was going to travel full-time and make videos!  Woot!  So long USA, hello world!  

Only, the universe thought otherwise.

A video is coming out which explains all of my back story and what brought everything to a screeching (albeit it temporary) halt, but the long and short of it is … my father died and I needed to return to the states to support my family.  But what I didn't realize at the time was that it also gave me the opportunity to adjust and redirect.  And to better serve the community I'm building.

All of us are on a journey through life.  Some of us have a plan in place that's actually working.  And the rest of us are either winging it or trying to regroup and figure out which path to try.  I am of course in that latter category.  

Back in April of 2021, in order to stay sane during the extended lockdown, I penned a book titled '21 Days Towards Life Mastery' and published it on Amazon.  It sold precisely zero copies.  LOL!  But as I was flying back to the states last week I realized that while it wasn't a very successful self-help book, it could be the basis for a decent self-help online guide.  But more importantly, it could be an opportunity for me to use my own words to save and better myself.

The answers to everything are out there, locked inside each of us.  In Life Coaching we show clients how to visualize their goals, define their current situations, and to discover the various paths between them.  And in that process we each can find our own unique answers.  Life Coaches do not provide them, they just ask the right questions so that people can see inside themselves and ponder what's possible.

Do you remember the fable of the cobbler's children having no shoes?  Well, how about the Life Coach having no self-awareness?  LOL!  When I wrote that book I thought I was helping others to ask themselves the correct questions to get them moving on their journeys, but I never asked myself those same questions.  I too was wandering aimlessly, struggling with anxiety, depression, and burnout, and not knowing which way to turn.  And yet, I had written the very thing I could have used to figure it all out.  

My solution instead was to run away and escape that which I thought held me hostage.  And after six months that approach has worked to some degree to help me to heal, or so I thought.  But my father's sudden passing reignited everything I thought I had fixed.  And left me again wondering what my path should be.

Here's what I do know.  I know where I am (metaphysically speaking).  I can clearly see the goals I want to reach.  But the lines between them?  Completely unclear.  So as I start to create my online guide for my community to help them with their journeys, I'm going to do more than just write.  I'm going to be actually doing the exercises as well.  Taking those questions and concepts and applying them to myself.  Using my successes and setbacks as real life examples.  

All of us have our own unique journeys.  Mine will not and cannot be yours.  But the answers and directions are already inside of you, waiting to be discovered.  And I cannot wait to create the tools that can help you along your path.  

More next week!