So we're staying in this little town in Galicia and decided to go to an even bigger town in Galicia called Santiago.  As in … the capital.  Santiago De Compostela.  Where a couple of million pilgrims land at the end of their hikes throughout the northern parts of Spain.  Ever heard of the Camino De Santiago?  Well, I'll tell you more about that in a second.

Because first … I need to whine about story.  Or rather, lack of story.  You see, we wanted to venture out into nature in and around this region.  And despite its sharing weather patterns with Seattle Washington, we were awestruck with what we found.

(Incredible waterfalls on the Death Coast of Spain)

This was some other world.  Filled with green.  Soaring mountains, beautiful valleys, craggy cliff faces dropping into the Atlantic Ocean on the Coast of Death.  (Seriously, that's what they call it, Costa De Morte).  And I filmed absolutely none of it.

Now I could explain away the lack of a video of this wonderful place by saying it was windy and raining.  And that I didn't want to damage the drone and the camera.  But that isn't completely true.  I was just too wrapped up in the moments to try and figure out what story to actually tell.

Here's the thing … when you make YouTube videos you need to come up with a story.  Setup, conflict, resolution.  Heroes and villains.  Something to tease an audience to make them stay until the grand reveal at the end!  Only … there was no story here.  Just endless beauty that couldn't be captured by the widest camera lens … it was just too large.

Sure, I could point and say "Wow!", and then point in the other direction with the same exclamation.  But I was trapped in wonder, so I deeply apologize for forgetting my YouTube oath of bringing you along for the ride.  :-)

(4½ Reasons GALICIA SPAIN is WEIRD ... in a Good Way!  My Own Camino De Santiago!)

I can honestly say that Spain never ceases to amaze.  Each and every region we've visited has been amazing … and so very different.  Madrid in the center of the country?  Incredible city, great food, unbelievable architecture, and wonderful people.  Andalucía in the south?  Completely different landscape, more like North Africa than Europe.  But just as amazing history … and people.  (That's a theme everywhere, Spaniards are … there are no words.  They're just some of the greatest people I've ever met).

And then we hit Galicia in the north and it felt like we were transported to a far off celtic land.  One that is coupled with nordic overtones and lots of open green spaces.  And I fell in love all over again.  Spain does that to you.

(Old stone staircases in the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval)

I'm more than a little sad to be leaving this wonderful country next week, but I know I'll be back.  To revisit and also to discover all of the other places we had to skip.  You could spend a lifetime in Spain and never see it all.  But one day soon, I'm going to try.

The one constant is that life moves ever forward.  One more week up here in Galicia, a day in Brussels (don't ask), and then I'm in Ireland for several weeks.  AND THEN trying van life in Iceland!  Life is all about experiences, and I've got so many more to share with you.  

And I promise to actually tell those stories and not make any more excuses.  Unless my dog eats my camera or something.  LOL!  

More next Saturday!