I've got so much to discuss with you this week … and I don't even know where to start.  Maybe with the lightest subject.  Didja notice that the title of the channel is again called The Pirate Wanderer?  Here's a little background.

When I started making videos back in October of 2019 I used The Pirate Wanderer name because I was going to be traveling the world.  Moving to Spain!  I was going to be a TRAVEL CHANNEL (sounds of heralds playing trumpets and all that).  Well, you know what happened just a few months later.  And my channel became … lost.  I tried so many niches, all of which failed.  Why?  Because I wasn't passionate about any of them.  I just wanted to be successful.

But here I am again traveling … and I'm still not a Travel Channel.  LOL!  Not technically.  As you'll read in a bit, I knew from the start that full-time travel was not sustainable.  Nor my real passion.  What I am is an Experiences Channel.  Travel is an experience, but so are a lot of other activities.  So I finally came back around to using my name of choice … and it means the world to me.  (Literally).

Leftover pigs ears from yesterday's lunch. Seriously.

OK, I'm almost ready to discuss the heavy stuff.  Just one more fluff paragraph.  There's a video scheduled for Thursday June 2nd called 4½ Reasons GALICIA SPAIN is WEIRD ... in a Good Way!  I'm completely surprised by this place.  And not the fact that Nikki rented an apartment that's a 4th floor walkup without an elevator.  Up here in the north of Spain … this isn't Spain.  It feels so much like its own country.

The weather, the people, the language … it belongs elsewhere.  Maybe Iceland or Norway.  Maybe Ireland.  Maybe even Main Street USA.  But not in Spain.  Every day I walk out and see a sign in Spanish I'm completely blown away.

I won't spoil the remainder of what we have planned in Galicia … you'll just have to watch the videos … but nature is abundant up here and I'm going to take full advantage of it.  And this place also reinforces my Not A Travel Channel statement.  Were you planning on coming up here?  I didn't think so.  But if I can share the EXPERIENCE of being here … then maybe.  :-)

(4½ Reasons GALICIA SPAIN is WEIRD ... in a Good Way!)

Time for the heavy stuff.  On June 1st a video is dropping that I normally wouldn't make public.  It's called Wow, THAT CHANGED FAST!  What's Next? • COMMUNITY BTS.  I have to fly home in July … and I probably have to end my around the world travels.

I can't go into details because they're not my details to give.  Some very serious family problems have arisen … the kind that have always been at the top of my list to hope never happens.  Well, they're happening, and I have to interrupt my travels … and perhaps even this channel.

That video is going to explain everything but the short version is that I need to be in Virginia … possibly for months.  I will still be making videos.  And I will still be fighting another battle you don't know much about yet.  One I've been hiding, perhaps out of shame.  A battle that is going to be hampered by my return to Virginia.  That too is explained in the video.  

And if you need one more hint … there is a third video planned for June 5th with the working title of The Mental Health Special.  (Actually it's formally called The HEALTH CRISIS Trying To END MY JOURNEY).  The very reason that I'm a YouTuber is because it's my therapy.  I left the states to get away from every trigger that could interfere with my mental health.  And now I have to go back.

That video is going on a second channel I started called Rick Higgins After Hours.  The content I'm going to put there really doesn't fall under the niche "experience".  But they're videos I need to make.


So yea, lots going on.  I did just book nine days in Iceland … in a van … and I'll be wandering all around the island exploring.  Solo.  And I'm going to make you wait for the answer to "Where's Nikki?".  (Yet another need to return to the states to fix something issue).  In between here and there, I'm considering a few weeks in the UK and possibly Ireland.  Definitely Scotland.  And then back to whatever is next in the states.

More next Saturday!


PS: Did you ever notice that on every video thumbnail there is a colored border?  Did you also notice that each color has a meaning?  The two above … one orange and one green?  Bonus patron points for those who figure it out.  :-)

🎬 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfX3c8A5hKPHuoKJZQMi0u9AZfpODdTy4