Spring has sprung in Barcelona!  Which means pollen … or is it?  Enter one quick 'at-home' covid test.  Rick?  Negative.  Nikki?  Isn't that a faint pink line?  Huh, yep sure is.  But it's Easter Sunday and nothing is open.  We need a "real" test".  Skip a day and nothing is open on Easter Monday either.  (What exactly is Easter Monday anyway?).  So we're huddling in place.  But here's the thing … all of the current guidance here in Spain says to just play it saf(er).  No required quarantine.  And back in the States all mask mandates are now gone from airlines and transportation.

It's about to become a strange new world to be traveling in.

(masked statue in the neighborhood of Gracia)

Speaking of … that C word that I hate to use … the lockdown has really dulled my ability to enjoy urban life it seems.  For two years I was quietly ensconced in a suburban home.  Then for  two months I traveled basically to small Central American towns.  And now I'm living inside of a cymbal and drum factory.  LOL!  I remember this from the last two trips here, that it took me a bit of time to adapt to the endless scooter traffic (all of which do not possess working mufflers).  But it's been two weeks now and I'm no closer to being tolerant.  Methinks I might no longer be immune to noise.  Hmmm, not great.

Another aspect of this is we're way out on the edge of the city.  If this were New York, we'd be living 10 miles deep in Jersey and saying we're still "in the city".  We're not.  This is a completely different place, and is certainly not what was expected.  But this area does come with its upsides.  The lesson here, dear patrons, is that travel can never be "expected".  There will always be something you didn't plan for.  It's just in this case … I apparently didn't plan correctly for anything in Barcelona.  LOL!

(escaping the noise in Andorra

It's weird but I think I've fallen into "retirement syndrome" even though I'm far from retired.  Meaning, I seem to be forgetting that I have responsible things I need to do everyday.  (YouTube, content, brushing my hair, etc.).  I'm waking up most days between 10am and noon and just poking around.  Every few days I remember that I'm a YouTuber and … oh yea! … I need to make a video.  Can't say I like this mode of living.  LOL!

It's far easier than I thought to simply slip into sloth mode when you don't have a 9-5 that someone else is holding you to.  So I have this "sticky" on my computer that says "GET INTO THE YOUTUBE MINDSET DAMMIT!  This is your job, treat it right!".  It's still a battle between the old and new Rick apparently.  

For those of you who have "slipped into a semi-retired life" … any suggestions?

And as we wrap up this week, we've finally hit upon our next adventure after Barcelona.  I won't spoil it because it's dropping in the next video.  I will tell you that it isn't the super-exciting thing I wanted.  (Spanish Bureaucracy)

More next Saturday, and again THANK YOU for your support!


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