Hello world,

This is Ricky. Thank you for viewing my content. This is my first post and it will be talking about my current story Black Goop. This is a story about the US government taking over during covid. In this story covid has decimated the world. The main protagonist is a young boy named Trace and his journey to rescue his brothers from a reeducation camp that orphans are sent to. Now you must be wondering where Black Goop came from. Well in it Trace finishes his fathers invention a nanite controlled by AI. During his adventure he will have to team up with allies to be able to not only rescue but insure the safety of his brothers and his new allies.

Read current Draft of chapter 1 and 2 at https://vocal.media/futurism/black-goop and https://vocal.media/futurism/black-goop-chapter-2

Members will have access to the unpublish chapter 1 revisions and soon current draft of chapter 3.