Nov 30, 2021

Black Goop Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is live on vocal media at This chapters shows the preperations needed to save Traces Brothers. It is an eventful chapters that pushes Trace and his partner caden to there limits of their ability.


Nov 29, 2021

Black Goop Chapter 3 Pending Approval

Nov 25, 2021

WIP 0.3 Nanite Deconstruction

Nov 20, 2021

First Product Review

A couple of days ago I was using the slendertone and decided to write one month product review on it. To some it up it was a excellent experience and going to be a permanent part of my workout routine and even my every day life. The review is

Nov 18, 2021

Future Content

Its been quite lately while I was finishing up school. I am graduated as of last month and will be releasing some new content. This will be varied but I will try to post the updates biweekly with emphasis on my stories and software development .


Feb 23, 2021

New Project WriteMuch
Live to the world
Current Revision of chapter 1
This week
The Girl Who was no longer bored
Girl Who was no longer bored excerpt 1