A new 90-second video featuring some of the most memorable lines from "Shin-Eva" has been released.

June 18, 2021 23:49

From "EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME", a new video titled "Present-day Evangelion" has been released on YouTube.

In this video, you can enjoy 90 seconds of impressive lines from "EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME". It is narrated by Maaya Sakamoto, who plays Makinami Mari Illustrious.

EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME" grossed 9.16 billion yen (US$80M) in the 102 days from its release to June 17th, and the number of viewers exceeded 6 million. From June 12, a new 36-page official booklet "EVA-EXTRA-EXTRA" has been distributed as a special bonus for visitors, and a new version of "EVANGELION:3.0+1.01" has been screened with some cuts replaced. In addition, six theaters across the country are now showing the movie in Dolby Cinema.

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Present-day Evangelion


Shinji: I'm not protecting it. I basically destroyed everything. 


Misato: Without the willful intent to make up for one's sins, atonement is meaningless.


Kensuke: I guess Near Third Impact isn't all bad.

トウジ 「お前はもう十分みんなのために戦こうた」

Toji: Shinji, you already fought plenty on everyone's behalf. 


Shinji: Why is everyone being nice to me like this?

レイ 「碇君が好きだから」

Other-Rei: Because we like you, Ikari-kun.

アスカ 「あんたバカ?ここは私がいるところじゃない。守るところよ」

Asuka: Are you stupid? This isn't somewhere I live. It's somewhere I protect. 


Boy: I've never met a stranger before. What’s your name?


Hikari: You're different from Ayanami-san, aren't you? So you should do whatever you want to.

レイ 「違っていいの?」

Other-Rei: It's alright if I'm different from her?

アスカ 「ガキに必要なのは恋人じゃない母親よ」

Asuka: The brat needs a mother, not a lover. 

リツコ 「簡単にはリョウちゃん​への思いは断ち切れないわね。」

Ritsuko: Your feelings for Ryo-chan can't be pushed aside so easily, can they?

ミサト 「nerv の計画はすべて叩きつぶす。撃て!」

Misato: We'll completely obliterate Nerv's plans! Attack!

マリ 「君がどこにいても必ず迎えに行く」

Mari: Wherever you are, I'll come get you.

マリ 「最後の手段ね」

Mari: Alright, let's go for the last one!

アスカ 「ごめん、新弐!また無理をさせるわ」

Asuka: Sorry, N-02! I need to push you to the brink again.

シンジ 「アスカ、僕も行くよ」

Shinji: Asuka, I'm going too.

ゲンドウ 「では始めよう、冬月」

Gendo: Let's begin, Fuyutsuki.

アスカ 「裏CODE999」

Asuka: Backdoor code 999!


Mari: Princess...You're going to throw your humanity away?

レイ 「泣いてるの?私」

Other-Rei: The one crying is me?


Mari: Asuka!

シンジ 「僕がエヴァ初号機に乗ります」

Shinji: I'll pilot Eva Unit-01.

ミサト 「私は今のシンジ君にすべてを託してみたい」

Misato: I want to try entrusting everything to the Shinji-kun of today.


Ibuki: Eva-01 has reactivated!

冬月 「後の大詰めをどう演じる、碇」

Fuyutsuki: How will you perform the finale to come, Ikari?

マリ 「ゲンドウ君は何を企む?」

Mari: Gendo-kun, what are you up to?

ミサト 「マリ、シンジくんを!」

Misato: Mari! Get Shinji-kun!

加持 「あなたは十分に使命を果たした。後は彼に引き継いでもらってもいいでしょう」

Kaji: You've carried out your mission in full. He can take over from here, don't you think? 

カヲル 「碇シンジ君、君は何を望むんだい?」

Kaworu: Ikari Shinji-kun. What is it you wish for?

シンジ 「僕は僕の落とし前をつけたい」

Shinji: I... I want to settle this.

ゲンドウ 「これで自分の認識すなわち世界を書き替えるアディショナルインパクトが始まる」

Gendo: And thus an Additional Impact that rewrites one's Gnosis— that is, the world — will begin.

ミサト 「これまでのすべてのカオスにケリをつけます」

Misato: I'm putting an end to my father's bullshit.

シンジ 「やってみるよ、綾波。ネオンジェネシス」

Shinji: I'm going to give it a try, Ayanami. The neon genesis.

レイ 「碇君、ありがとう」

Rei: Ikari-kun, thank you.


About translating the dialogues

Since I have not seen the movie and do not know the story before and after the dialogues, I referred to this site this time. This site has all the lines from the movie, so if you are avoiding spoilers, please don't visit.

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