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Sohryu Asuka Langley, who likes Kaji-san, is a bit naughty, and finally tells Shinji that he's "disgusting".

Shikinami Asuka Langley is a lonely girl who gradually opens up to Shinji and Misato.

Which Asuka do you like better? 

They're both great!

"EVANGELION: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE.", in which Asuka plays a major role, will be aired tonight.

The highlights are Asuka jumping out of the bath, Asuka's underwear while sleeping, Asuka in an apron and bra, and Asuka in a fully visible test plug suit.

When the movie was shown, I threw up after watching it because it was so much.

I'm so glad there was a trailer. I thought I was going to die.

I can only hope that my worries will be cleared up by "EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO.", which will be released tomorrow.

I want to get all warm and fuzzy. (*1)

*1) "I don't know. I just feel warm and fuzzy when I'm with Ikari-kun. I also want you to get all warm and fuzzy. I want you to get along with Commander Ikari and get all warm and fuzzy." (Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Advance / Ayanami Rei)

Now, in "2.0", Shinji suddenly becomes more sociable and fights to protect Ayanami. In a sense, this is the biggest difference from the TV version.

The method he used to communicate was his lunch box.

Eating is one of the themes of "2.0".

Let's check out what the characters are eating before the show airs.

Shinji's lunch at the Japan Marine Ecosystem Conservation Research Institute

Nori rice ball, mixed rice ball, oinari rice ball, fried chicken, fried egg, fish paste, apple, cherry tomato, miso soup (tofu and wakame seaweed).

This is the lunch box that Shinji has made for everyone. It comes with a "sterilized" sticker from the institute.

"It's a forbidden sanctuary that's responsible for the god-awful experiment to permanently preserve the lost marine life and restore the reddish sea," as Kensuke said, all the oceans in this world are now dyed red, and there is not a single living thing left.

Of course, the reason is Second Impact.

In the TV version, there is a scene where Asuka is fighting an angel named Gagiel who swims in the ocean, so the loss of the ocean is one of the major changes.

(Incidentally, all the original pictures of the battle between Unit 2 and Gagiel in episode 8 of the TV version have been lost.)

What's interesting is that Shinji looks at the fish and marine life in the aquarium and says, "So these are the creatures from before Second Impact?".

In other words, there are no ocean fish in the world of the new movie version.

There's also this line from Kensuke after eating Shinji's lunch.

"It's amazing how that 90% artificial meat can become so delicious when it's cooked."

This is the line that caused controversy among the fans. That means 10% of the "meat" is meat, right?

Shinji says that Misato eats "ready-to-eat meal", so she can't really tell what she's eating.

Asuka says, "Living creatures live by eating living creatures!". It's unclear whether this refers to vegetables or meat, but it seems that fish and meat are farmed in at least a very small part of the world.

Check out the scene where Mr. Kaji says, "It's the smell of rotting sea creatures, proof that they were alive. It's not like that empty red water, it's the real ocean," to Shinji that he didn't know what the ocean was.

The supply of food does not keep up with the absolute amount of food humans eat, and ordinary children rarely see the true nature represented by the ocean.

Rey doesn't eat meat this time either.

This is the same as the old TV version. The Garlic Ramen without Char-siu pork is famous.

Lawson has really released a cup of ramen using this as a story, "Garlic Ramen without Char-siu pork".

Isn't that garlic ramen!? I bought it, though.

Miso soup is mentioned many times in "2.0", but if there is no fish, then there is no broth, and the possibility of chemical seasoning seems to be high.

Space food

Green tea 150ml hot water(60 degrees Celsius)

This is the green tea pack that floats around when Gendo and Fuyutsuki are in space.

It looks like a type of space food that you can suck on. However, the pack is very hot at 60 degrees Celsius.

Before this scene, there is a cut where Rei says Shinji's miso soup is "delicious", so the comparison with the inorganic green tea stands out.

Toji's Lunch

Milk, yakisoba bread, hamburger.

Looking at the ingredients list on the sticker, the ingredients used include pork ham and mayonnaise.

Since egg-based foods appear frequently, it seems that the supply of these items is sufficient.

The fact that the hamburger is also pork ham is a bit interesting.

Lunch box made by Shinji

Octopus-shaped sausage, fried egg, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti, some kind of fried food (?) rice, Otona-no Furikake(rice seasonig for adult)(*2).

*2) Furikake: a nutritional condiment of seaweed and dried fish that the Japanese sprinkle on rice.

I like Shinji chose "Otona-no Furikake".

I think the wieners are what Kensuke calls "90% artificial meat". The texture is the same, but the taste is not as good, so it really depends on the seasoning.

Shinji's cooking is highly praised by everyone, including Asuka and Kaji, but it seems that this is a time when cooking is very difficult.

Rei and Asuka's cooking scenes make me smile, but it actually seems to be a very difficult task to make them taste good.

In the old TV version, there is a scene where Hikari Doraki, the chairperson of the committee, makes her lunch, but not this time. In "2.0", there is a scene where she and Asuka eat their lunches together, so it seems that making lunches is an important part of daily life in this world.

The character on the lunch box Shinji gives to Rei is drawn by a character from Moyoco Anno's manga "Ochibisan", so please check it out.

Rei and Gendo's meal

Gendou: steak, potatoes, bread

Rei: pills, jello drink with "NERV ONLY" written on it

I don't know if Ray's food can be called food. It is the ultimate in just getting nutrition.

The jelly drink is also taken by one of the operators, Maya Ibuki, on her way to work.

Gendou is eating something that looks like steak, but what he is actually eating is unknown.

However, considering his status, it is a reasonably good thing .

For example, it is possible that he is eating "100 percent natural meat", which is a luxury.

This is a surreal scene in which their meals are so, so extreme for this work.

Take your time to look at it.

Mr. Kaji's watermelon field

Although it's not a meal scene, Mr. Kaji's hobby is making watermelons, just like the TV version.

Inside the protected city, there are also rice fields. The lake is also blue.

In some isolated areas, vegetable and rice production by fields and rice fields is still practiced.

Ice cream from a candy store

This ice cream is colored and shaped like Gali Gali soda flavor(*4). Other ice creams in cups are also available.


This is the same atmosphere that existed when the anime aired in the 1990s.

There aren't many products with a lottery ticket nowadays. There are only home run bars and black Montblanc.

Toji missed but in the TV version, he drew the winning ticket. This is a must check.

You'll have to watch it to find out what it means.

The bar where Misato and Kaji-san went.

Umibudo (green seaweed found in the sea of Okinawa. It is also called green caviar), island rakkyo (Okinawa's indigenous type of rakkyo), rafutae (cubes of pork with the skin cut into cubes and simmered in awamori and soy sauce until soft), mibai masu stew, yushi tofu (soy milk with bittern added to make soft tofu before being put in a frame to harden), Miyako yakisoba, Papaya Champuru (young papaya chopped and fried with tofu and meat), Gurukun Sashimi (sashimi of hawksbill).

It's an Okinawan dish.

Raftei is stewed pork cubes.

Mibai refers to the grouper fish found in Okinawa. Gurukun is also a fish, hawksbill. It is a dialect of Okinawa.

Yushi-Dofu is unmolded tofu that has just begun to harden after being mixed with bittern.

Umibudo is a seaweed found in the southwestern islands. It is delicious when dipped in vinegar and eaten with a bit of a bite!

...... Huh?

The sea in this world is so red that almost no living thing can survive, let alone fish.

So, there is a big possibility that this fish is not only 90% artificial meat, but 100% artificial fish.

With that kind of technology, it might be easy to make something that looks like Umibudo.

There are many eating scenes in "2.0". Notice how it turns into a different kind of eating scene in the second half.

The line "living creatures eat living creatures" begins to carry more weight.

It's not mentioned in the story, but it's interesting just to think about what the non-natural food parts are based on, especially what the meat really is.

In some books, there is a theory that amino acids are extracted from plastic. Is there such a thing?

This "2.0" was a work that destroyed a decade of frustration for Eva fans of the past, with too many stories that made me curious the more I dug.

There are so many small stories in it.

For example, the space suits of Gendou and Fuyutsuki when they go to the moon look just like the ones in "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise".

There are so many details in this work that there is no end to what you can find. At any rate, just checking out the differences in the order of angel is quite interesting.

It's an entertaining movie that works so well that even people who don't know anything about it will enjoy it.

"3.0" will be released tomorrow, but before that, you can have more fun by reading books related to the new movie version and research books.

Here are some of them.

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Full Record Collection

This is the official record collection. It's a compilation of the setting, interviews, and film story of 2.0.

The price is high, but the value as a reference is outstanding. It should also be a good reference when watching "3.0".

Evangelion 2.0 You Can Not Advance Vol 2 Groundwork Art Book

This book contains the original drawings from "2.0". If you're a fan of original art, you'll enjoy looking at this book, as it's an animation that moves a lot.

Be warned, however, that there are almost no explanations or illustrations.

Evangelion Dictionary of Terms and Etymology

There are very few explanations of Evangelion. This is a book that summarizes the meanings of the original words in an easy-to-understand manner.

This book is recommended for those who want to know only the original meaning as knowledge. It's inexpensive at 500 yen.

Evangelion: The Complete Complementary Document

Rather than being a commentary on the new film version, this document is very unique in that it contains a lot of rather varied material, such as the process of creating Gainax and Khara work and a commentary on the music that appears in the film.

Evangelion Research PrefaceQuestion

A book to enjoy the new movie version of Evangelion, by a group of authors who published a pioneering book on the mysteries of Evangelion around the time of the TV version. It's a column-like book with a lot of speculation, so it's not a reference book, but rather an interesting read.

The Urban Legend of Evangelion

An urban legend. This book is a compilation of hypotheses. There are a lot of interesting theories, but there are no explanations for the old Evangelion, so this book is for people who know the TV version, the old movie version, and the new movie version.


I'm looking forward to it!

(Writen by Tamago mago)

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