This is a rough transcript of an interview with Hideaki Anno, which is aired on May 17, 2004.

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Top Runner

A talk show aired on NHK.


  • Manami Honjo, Program Host, Actress

  • Shinji Takeda, Program Host, Actor

  • Hideaki Anno, Program Guest


Narration: Tonight, film director Hideaki Anno appears on this show. Director Anno, who is active in animation and live-action beyond genres, talks about the secrets of his creation and his passionate heart.

Honjo: Anno, you have plump ears(*2), don't you?

*2) are considered to bring good luck and wealth in Japan.

Takeda: Yes, they are.

Anno: Thank you very much. But I'm not very rich, am I?

Honjo: Is that so?

Honjo: That's a very chic fashion, I like it. Actually, it's not my first time to meet you, is it?

Anno: No, it's not.

Honjo: Oh you remember.

Anno: Sure.

Honjo: We were seated across from each other at a year-end party for a manga artist named Tori Miki.

Anno: Yes, you gave me a telephone card(*3).

*3) a credit card-size plastic or paper card, used to pay for telephone services. (Wikipedia)

Honjo: Yes, I did.

Takeda: Wait a minute, a telephone card?

Anno: I received two telephone cards of her wearing swimsuits.

Takeda: Seriously? (To Anno) Can I have one of them?

Honjo: No, no, no. I can't give you that.

Anno: I'm keeping them for myself.

Honjo: Thank you very much. Takeda, you have actually met him in the past too, haven't you?

Takeda: That's right. We were in the same movie. We were co-stars.

Anno: Yes.

Honjo: You participated as an actor, didn't you? Of course.

Anno Yes, I played an actor. I became an actor.

Honjo: Do you do a lot of work as an actor?

Anno: Only Mr. Ishii has used me as an actor. I've played an actor in two of his movies in a row.

Honjo: That’s great.

Anno: I think I'm going to be one of the regular actors for his movies.

Honjo: That's cool.

Honjo: It seems that we've been offering to have you appear on this program for quite some time, but you've been refusing for a long time, and now you're finally here.

Anno: Yes. I had no choice but to come.

Honjo: Is that so?

Anno: I was wondering why I was appearing in a program titled 'Top Runner' if I wasn't the top runner or anything.

Honjo: Don't be modest.

Anno: I thought I didn't want to appear on the show.

Honjo: But you are always at the top of this field.

Anno: It's not that I'm on top. There are a lot of people who are better than me. I'm just so far behind that it looks like I'm on top.

Honjo: Really.

Anno: Yes that’s how I feel.

Takeda: Wow, can I use that? If someone gives me a complement somewhere for next time, I'll say, 'Please don't say that. I'm just so far behind that it looks like I'm on top.

Honjo: Seriously?

Takeda: It's cool, isn't it?

Meet Anno Hideaki

Narration: Today's guest is film director Hideaki Anno. He is a genius in the world of visual images who is always taking on new challenges.

Video: 1984 film “Macross: Do You Remember Love? “ is on a screen.

Narration: Mr. Anno first entered the professional world when he was in college. As an animator, he has created many famous scenes, including battle mechanisms and explosion scenes.

Video: 1995 TV animation series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is on a screen.

Narration: And the film that drew a lot of attention as an animation director was "Neon Genesis Evangelion". It became a huge boom not only for anime fans, but for the whole country.

Video: 2000 film "Shikijitsu" and Video: 2004 film "Cutie Honey" are on a screen.

Narration: Animation and live action. It is a work that confronts the inner world of human beings. An entertaining work. A work that transcends barriers and captures the hearts of those who watch it.

That is the charm of Hideaki Anno.