Nov 14, 2022

Evangelion:2.0 CRC interviews, part 12

Part12: Is Mari a middle-aged male character from the Showa Era?The SecretInterviewerLooking back on the character Mari, what did you feel about her overall?TsurumakiI had a hard time hearing positive feedback from Anno about the elements that would establish her personality. That's all I can say.She has no special characteristics other than being a new character.Her role, or rather her involvement in the story, at times she is like a stand-in for Rei, at other times for Asuka, and there... more

Sep 28, 2022

Evangelion:2.0 CRC interviews, part 10

Part10: CGI also worked well in humanoid EVA.InterviewerAs for Evangelion, there are many cuts that you would not notice as CGI unless you are told.The robot's joints move in complex ways and its waist is deeply curved, reminding me of the drawings by Takeshi Honda.I wonder how much involvement he had in the CGI EVA.TsurumakiThere were not so many instructions from him to "do this" in the cold open.Rather, he gave instructions at the middle stage of the falling 8th angel.We used... more

Sep 02, 2022

Evangelion:2.0 CRC interviews, part 9

EVANGELION PROVISIONAL UNIT-05 exists on the assumption of the use of CGI.InterviewerNow, let's talk about the new Evangelion "EVANGELION PROVISIONAL UNIT-05," which is one of the main attractions of "Ha".TsurumakiAlthough it had been decided from the beginning of the project that a new EVA would appear, it would be troublesome if Gendo possessed it.So I think the idea was to bring it out where he would not be involved.InterviewerThe shape is also very different, and it... more

Aug 27, 2022

Evangelion:2.0 CRC interviews, part 8

Happiness is on the way, Catastrophe arrivalInterviewerIn the end, I like the current form of "Ha”. There are many parts where I feel a sense of consistency, a sense of "Oh, so this is how it's going to turn out". But when I ask why, I am always surprised. For example, the part where Rei plans the dinner party is quite memorable but how did that become the center of the drama?TsurumakiI wanted the whole movie to somehow develop as if it was going to be happy until the... more

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Aug 25, 2022

Evangelion:2.0 CRC interviews, part 3

As a result, we inevitably return to the structure that was there at the beginning.InterviewerIn the end, there are three scenes in which Mari appears: the cold open, her falling onto the rooftop where Shinji is, and the decisive battle of Unit-02.TsurumakiIn Enokido's proposal, there are more scenes in which she appears. She reappears rather quickly after the cold open and meets Shinji.Then she became a regular pilot of Unit-02 and became an idol at school, like Asuka in the TV series.... more

Aug 23, 2022

What is the overexertion he did many times during the production of Shin Godzilla? 4 of 4

This year we had a series of excellent animation films such as "Your Name.," "A Silent Voice," and "In This Corner of the World". What is Director Anno's view on the current state of Japanese animation?Over the past 20 years or so, the situation has gradually worsened.The business model has collapsed because DVDs, which had been a means of recovering production costs, are not selling well.There is also a serious shortage of human resources.There are only a... more

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