He made up the sequel to Anno's version of Shin Godzilla. Unfortunately the story is not completed here, he talks about the last chapter at his pay-per-view channel. But it's still enjoyable.

This translation is a part of Toshio Okada seminar #260.

Do you remember the last scene of Shin Godzilla? It ended with the scene of the frozen Godzilla tail.

The model of that frozen Godzilla tail was recently displayed at an event called the Wonder Festival. The one in the movie is CGI, but it's an actual prototype.

This is the tail. You can't really see it in this picture. So let me show you a close-up of a part of it.

This is what it looks like. This is the tail of Godzilla in the last scene.

As you turn it sideways you can see something humanoid with wings is being born out of Godzilla's tail.

This is the final scene in Shin Godzilla. I say "spoiler" in the sense of showing these things.

The nuclear reaction inside Godzilla's body is stopped by a chemical such as Cosmo Cleaner. As a result, Godzilla gets cool down and frozen at the last scene.

If this process were a few minutes or dozens minutes slower, these alien-like creatures would split from Godzilla's tail and be scattered all over the world not just in Tokyo. And perhaps humankind would be extinct.

I talked about it on niconico streaming two years ago, right after Shin Godzilla was released. Few people were pointing it out at that time.

I think that's so obvious because it's shown so clearly in the movie.

After all, there are more people than you might think who interpret movies by their lines of dialogue, so I guess there were few people watching these visual things.

Since I talked on niconico streaming two years ago, it's been quoted in many places, and now if you look up "Shin Godzilla", this story comes up everywhere.

A sequel is something you think about from the end of the first part, so naturally you ask yourself, "What do you think about these creatures?" This is a good place to start.

I think Hideaki Anno's Shin Godzilla is roughly made up of these three blocks.

  • Chapter 1 Tokyo City, Nihon State

  • Chapter 2 Ending at 13 years old

  • Chapter 3 Shin Godzilla XX

I guess this is how the story will be developed. This is, well, just my imagination. Okay? But maybe this would be the only one plot it can be.

Tokyo City, Nihon State

It's been 13 years since Shin Godzilla was over. You see the great marshland that stretches to the horizon. The story begins with the scene where the Japanese flag rises dramatically from the lookout located in the middle of the large marsh, where you can see a group of temporary housing for poor people.

The flag was raised by the main character, a girl named Akira. She's a girl who will celebrate her 13th birthday tomorrow.

The adults in the refugee camp at the temporary housing facility hurriedly take down the Japanese flag and raise the Stars and Stripes.

There, there is a bit of a fight and the adults are blown up by an angry Akira.

''How can that little girl named Akira be so powerful when she's only twelve years old?” The adults mumble and complain, "If we take down the Stars and Stripes, we won't get any aid supplies. We're Americans now," convinces Akira.

Akira goes back to her house. She has a picture of her mother at home. Her mother is Hiromi Ogashira, a female character from Shin Godzilla. She's her daughter.

A few years ago, Hiromi died without telling Akira anything about her father.

At the same time, at the Air Force base at Langley, Virginia, U.S.A., transport planes were launched one by one under the name of "Operation Tokyo".

They drop relief supplies to Tokyo every week. When the U.S. military map appears on the screen, you see Japan with only the Kanto Plain. All of Japan is gone, and all that is left is the Kanto Plain. Furthermore, the border is drawn there, and it's American territory. It says "Tokyo, Japan, USA" on the map.

They fly over there to drop relief supplies every week.

There's an airplane base at Langley, but there's also an underground facility where the "angels" are trained.

This is the Angel.

They have a lizard-face, alien-like monsters with wings on their backs, they can't fly in the sky though, they're hundreds of times stronger than humans, and they can withstand heat and vacuum.

But it seems they are humans, apparently. They can talk. They can talk like, "It used to be like this" or "I'd like to eat a loaf of bread," and so on. They look like this, but they seem to be human.

The one who came to see these training angels is Kayoko Patterson, who is now a senator. She is the daughter of the U.S. Senator who also appeared in "Shin Godzilla".

She asks the person in charge of the base about Angel with unusual enthusiasm. She is asking the base officer questions.

Kayoko notices that Angels are glancing at the calendar over and over again to check it. She notices that the calendar has just a tiny bit of mysterious blood on it, on the part of tomorrow's date. It bothers her.

Kayoko gets anxious, so she calls her husband and son in Washington to talk to them.

Then we find out that their soon-to-be 12-year-old son, Adam, was apparently suspended from middle school the other day for a violent incident.

This is the first chapter, "Tokyo City, Nihon State".

Roughly, it's been up to 15 minutes so far.

Ending at 13 years old

Now, let's move on to the second chapter, "Ending at 13".

It’s midnight on the date. The main character Akira turns thirteen. Her mother's mementos' computer suddenly boots up and plays a video letter at the moment when the date changed.

Apparently, her mother had left a note for Akira before she died. The question, "Why did Japan sink and become an American territory?" is finally told here.

It's three years after the end of Shin Godzilla, as I told before this is happening 13 years ago, so it is a reminiscence scene from ten years ago.

Shin Godzilla, which was supposed to be sealed off at Tokyo Station, began to generate enormous amounts of heat.

If we don't control this heat, Godzilla will come back to life again, so we gather various resources from all over the world to cool Godzilla, but that won't be enough at all, and the heat generated by Godzilla turns Japan into a tropical rainforest climate.

As a result, the Kanto Plain becomes a muddy swamp and a huge swamp.

Even so, they kept injecting nuclear reaction inhibitor chemicals into Godzilla day after day.

Hiromi Ogashira noticed that Godzilla's internal temperature was still gradually rising.

Then, an accident occurred one day. The plants in the marsh corrode part of the pipe that sends the cooling chemicals to Godzilla, causing a crack in it and stopping the coolant injection.

Then Godzilla's body temperature rises at once and his heart melts down and falls underground.

As it melts down, Godzilla's heart hits a vein of groundwater, causing a steam explosion all at once. Not stopping there, Godzilla's heart sinks even deeper into the earth's crust and reaches the mantle layer.

As a result, Mt. Fuji erupts and the Japanese island slides eastward widely. The Japanese islands were torn apart. The disjointed Japanese island has all sunk to the seabed, leaving the Kanto plain.

Why? This is because, Hideaki Anno, I bet he wants to do "Japan Sinks(*1)" in the sequel.


I can see that Hideaki Anno will bring everything he wants to do in this sequel, so I think he'll bring it around here (laughs).

Those left in the Kanto Plain become refugees, and the U.S. annexes Japan in the name of humanitarian aid, making it the 51st state.

On the other hand, the U.S. cut out a piece of the tail of Godzilla that had no heart in return for their aid to Japan. They started studying it in Langley, Virginia.

And they found out that the Angel, who was separating from Godzilla's tail, was a former human being.

Actually, Godzilla was eating humans. The humans that were eaten were not digested by Godzilla, but rather they were born with Godzilla's genes by passing through Godzilla's body and growing out of his tail. That's the Angel.

So they have human wisdom and awareness, but the memories of the past are fading away. The U.S. military is trying to train them and create soldiers who won't die on the battlefield.

This is the end of the reminiscence scene.

Akira's mother Hiromi has already died, but in the video letter, she says that Godzilla is still alive.

She followed Godzilla's heart with sonar to see where it went until just before she died.

She said that it's gone pretty deep, but it's still got a long way to go to reach the core. Then she says, "In another 10 years, when you turn 13 years old, Godzilla's heart will reach the core layer of the Earth, and something will happen there.

At the same time that Akira starts watching this video letter at midnight, in an underground hangar in Virginia, the angels that are supposed to be sealed off at night are all spitting threads out of their mouths and slowly turning into chrysalises.

Shin Godzilla XX

Alight. It's been over five minutes, so that's it for the free part. (laugh)

As for the second half, I'm going to talk about the Chapter 3 Shin Godzilla XX for a pay-per-view channel.