If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

I am still saying the same thing, God is the creator of heaven and earth. He is real and truth to all. He never lies. He keeps his promise to his children.

Bible says if you have faith like a mustard seed you can ask God and he will do impossible. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Sarah gave birth to Isaac in her 100 years of age. God promised to make covenant with Abraham and Sarah and kept the promise. He made Abraham father of thousand nations and through him, he blessed the world.

Jesus belongs Abraham's family and through him we all are blessed today!

You can trust God with everything. He has created you in his own image to bless you and give you rest. After creating Adam God gave him rest in the garden of Eden.

In God's blessings you will have rest and peace. You will enjoy to his eternal freedom. You will be in joy and the blessing in your life will pass to others too. With this God will be glorified and his kingdom establish.

Bible also says you have not because you ask not!

You asked but you didn't receive because you asked him with your wrong intent. So he delayed to answer you. God is very kind. As he sees your intention is not good, he will first begin to let you realize what is wrong in you. So he transforms you day by day.

He will make you like Christ.

Do you know what does it mean?

God does need your perfection in holiness. He wants you to be righteous. He will open your spiritual eyes to see and understand things actually. His holy spirit will guide you on the journey.

The path is narrow but have faith, God will never leave or forsake you. He will tell you what to do or not when you will give him times to talk. You have to listen to him and obey his commands.

Now when you will learn what is good is God's kingdom you will put God first. You will see his will for your life is far more better than you ever imagine and dream. Adam didn't tell God to build Eden, God built it for him. Hence he was in peace and he had no lack there.

They all happened because of God's will and love for Adam. He also gave Adam a woman as his wife, named Eve. God saw Adam is alone. So he said a man shouldn't live alone and for this he caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. During that time he took some ribs from his body and made another flesh, opposite of man he brought woman.

They stayed together very happily, enjoying all things that God created in Eden!

But later they were deceived by Satan, missed God's freedom and put them into hardships.

Today the world is lost because they disobey to God's commands. They don't trust God's will and his promise. If you want to receive his grace you need to keep his words and act wisely. Your prayers will be weapon against evil, and blessings in God's kingdom. You will live to eternity and you won't die like others. You will have peace in the heart.

As you are about to ask God for things, you need to keep in mind that what God wants from me. So that I will receive his blessings.

Rules of blessings

  • Put God first

  • Ask God according to his

  • Make your intention clear and good

  • See if your prayers will bring glory to God or not

  • Pray everyday

  • Have faith and wait for his timings

  • Learn his words

  • Read Bible

  • Give to poor

  • Pray for others

  • Love all

  • Forgive all

  • Respect all

  • Honor all

  • Do only good

  • Do no sin

    And this is how you can ask God and receive his blessings the way God wants to establish his Kingdom!

    Be a blessing to others to be blessed!


Hope & Love Podcast


Thank You So Much!

God bless!