PSALM 27:14

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Sometime I feel I am still on the dry land. I am working very hard, doesn't disobey God and follow his leads but I see no improvement. It is been a very long time, almost 7 years. Can you imagine my patience?

After I gave my life to Christ I thought my things will take a different turn now. My dreams and desires will be fulfilled and I will be established. Everyone will know me as a famous person. They never came true. Everything shattered one after another. I fell in a pit of repetitive failures and I was in a circle of struggle and pain.

God is very merciful. He is the love, full of wisdom and knowledge.

Bible says God will never leave or forsake you. On the journey to get true freedom he is always with me. In my trouble he listens to my cry and answer to my prayers. He sends his help!

Why do we wait upon the God?

It is a journey and only set by God almighty before we even come to this world. As you surrender yourself to Jesus, he does know you are not ready yet for the things God has prepared for you. His will for you beyond your imagination and if you are not aware of it, during the period of your learning it will hit you very hard.

You may not agree with his plans and purpose. So God never reveals it immediately to you. Hence the journey takes times. The way of Christianity is narrow, not straight to reach destiny.

His thoughts are not your thoughts. His ways are not your ways. You can't force him to work the way you want.

In the world you will have your own dreams and desires. God sees you try very hard to achieve them. When you fail you complain to God that he failed you. He didn't help you. That time you too loose your hope and faith in him. He is still there, listening to you but never get angry because you are his beloved child.

God answers your prayers when you pray to him but he delays to some of them if they are not God's will for you. He does know what is good and bad for you. He has created you. He is the alpha and omega.

Also he denies to your will, it doesn't matter if you love your dreams so much or not. Bible says God has a plan and purpose for your life, to give you hope and future but not to harm you. To fulfill his will in your life he will do anything he can do.

He sees your cry, tears but be assured that it is his way of working in your life. He discipline you, doesn't punish. When you will look back you can realize what he did in your life. Your business may fail, you may not become what you want to be but his plan will be fulfilled as sun rise and set.

For Christ you have to be ready to sacrifice and when you do, it becomes very easy for you to walk on the road prepared by God.

In your season of waiting he doesn't sit and look your cry. He sees what you can be in coming days. He begins to modify you. He prepares you for his kingdom purpose. He loves you so much that he let you go through fire and water. So that your faith in him will strengthen. The process will teach you to be good and righteous in Christ.

During your hardship he does teach you how you will forgive others and love all. He shows you the way of overcoming sorrows and past mistakes. So you will not repeat it.

He tells you that his will for your life is beyond your imagination and it is quite great, when you will follow and pursue it you will have heavenly peace and true freedom. He leads you always, without having any rest even in your own resting.

Hence God keeps hearing your complain and never minds.

As you realize your growth, and learn that without him you can't do anything then he does perform his miracles. He does the impossible that you did never expect. He does bless you with overflow. So that you too become a blessing to others.

In the season of waiting, don't fight to God but try to understand his works and follow him. Talk to him and listen what he says and wants, not what you want.

Put God first!

Bible says, seek first the kingdom of God and everything will be added into your life. Whatever you desire God knows it. He has it already but he will give you only good things. He prepares you for bigger blessings and hence you have to wait for final outcome.

If he gives you suddenly you can't handle it. He doesn't want his blessings to be misused. His grace is for everyone. Through you he will bless others and establish his kingdom in this world. This is his godly purpose for your life.

Pray God to be done his will in this world, not your your. If you are becoming selfish and asking him to fulfill your will only, it means you are fighting to God and you should know that he always wins. He is the King of kings. He is the Lord of lords. He is the true and living God.

In him your heart will be filled with joy and peace. You will have him as true love and then you won't run to any human being for false expectation.

This is why we need to wait upon the Lord.

And one thing I want say here that he does test us before he bless. If you pass you will enter into promise land, where milk and honey flows.

Thank You!

God bless!