Genesis 26:12

Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.

Today, this evening as I was meditating on the verse and prayed; God spoke to me. He said son, your time has arrived. I will bless you with overflow that you will be a blessing to others also. Be happy, praise and give thanks in advance. I have already heard your prayers and granted them. Have faith!

The season of blessings doesn't come easily for us. It takes so much times and obedient to God's command.

In Bible we see God blessed to his children but at one condition they be blessed and this is their obedient to Lord almighty. He doesn't left his children half-way. He is very faithful and kind, and he does keep to his promise.

The people who fears the Lord they are being loved by him. In him they find rest and peace. He is the source of everything.

In this verse, we also see the same thing. God kept his promise and he blessed his servant Abraham's son Isaac because he is too a beloved child of the God. He followed God's commands and in every way he came to the Lord for his permission. So he had no lack.

Here we see in Bible that God's children were in worship always. What it means?

It means they didn't do what the people who worship to idols do. In Bible worshiping to God means seeking God's face and his counsel, and then doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord almighty. We also see they were offering to God their best as they earn every time.

In giving to God you obey what he says to do and for your faithfulness to him he does bless you double and even more. Hence Bible says God will bless you more than your expectation. In his kingdom you will see scriptures as dots and if you connect them you will be surprised that they are related to each other. This is why God commands us to read Bible every day.

If we keep his commands and do, then he will bless us exceedingly and abundantly. You will gain heavenly wisdom and knowledge that will help you on the journey to eternity. You won't be deceived on the way when you are very strong with God's everlasting words.

As your body needs things, the same way your spirit too needs daily foods and Bible is your fridge and from it you can eat and drink scriptures as your daily breads and milk. I am not telling you to eat it physically, I mean you need to meditate on his words to stay connected to holy-spirit. So that you can listen to God's voice clearly and you can choose the right path.

"Seek first the kingdom of God and everything will be added into your life"

You need to read Bible every time to seek his kingdom. As you do it God will open your spiritual eyes to see things and he will help you to understand the days and situation perfectly. No longer you will follow the world but you will only keep your focus the Lord.

In waiting upon him you won't complain and you will be assured that he has heard your prayers to answer according to his will and perfect timing.

One thing I noticed in Bible that God blessed to his children when things became impossible and very hard. In human understanding we see it is late but actually it is planned by God himself when and what to do!

We see God blessed Sarah a child when she was too old and already crossed her child-bearing age. God gave Isaac a wife when he is 40 years old.

And in his blessings we see everything is perfect and good.

God says he will keep best for the last. He will restore to you double for what you have lost. He will give you honor and true love. He will increase your age to enjoy all those things. He will strengthen you both physically and emotionally.

He is the solid rock, on him you can build your house and it won't break in storm. He will lead you to the land of milk and honey.

Only thing you need to do is that you need to obey God's commands. He will tell you to surrender yourself and follow his leads. He will tell you scarify your bad relationship and friendship. He will tell you to not to borrow from others but wait upon him, when the situation is very worst.

Can you do it?

Can you put him first and pray him to fulfill his will and purpose in your life?

It is a test. He will test you before he does bless. It is his rule and he can't keep it away from you even. Don't worry, he will comfort you. You will grow with his knowledge day by day and then you will say what God did they were actually for my good.

God's blessings for us is bigger than we ever think and imagine. Hence it takes times. He delays but doesn't deny. He holds the time and he will reach us just at the perfect timing. Till that time you need to be faithful to him. You need to delight yourself in him.

Start your day with gratitude, I am sure you will not loose your hope and faith in him any longer after it!

Our God is the promise keeper. Trust him!

Thank You!

God bless!




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