Mark 10:27

Jesus looked at them and said, "with man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God."

God is not normal. He is quite unique and special and he has created everything in this world. A man has fear but God is victorious. He has overcame the darkness already!

The world is evil. Here we will have to face all kinds of odds that are coming against us. The evil wants to destroy children of God. Hence we have to be careful every time, not to deceive by his false propaganda. See, there is still miracles happening among all common things.

And Lord is doing this.

If you believe in him you can experience his works in your life and you can be a living testimony to others. Through you everyone will come to God and they too will experience changes and wonders in their lives.

God is always with us. He wants to help us. But most of us don't want to come to him because they are lost.

Do you know God sent his only beloved son Jesus Christ to this world on our behalf? He died on the cross for our sins, to give us freedom and save us from darkness.

God can do anything for us. We only need to be ready for him. If we don't believe in him then it is not possible to see his works. He doesn't act like humans. He doesn't work the way we do. In his words there is power and he has given this to his children, to perform it while in this world!

We can also be children of God. For this we need to believe that Jesus is the son of God. He died on the cross for our sins and then we need to receive him as our Lord and savior. As you will accept him he will heal you. He will forgive your sins. He will transform you to a new person. In him you will live. Your trust will be the God alone.

God only waits upon us. He wants that we pray to him.

Prayer has the power to change everything. It gives you an authority to rule over darkness and bring light in this world. Bible says you don't have because you ask not. You asked but you didn't receive because you asked him with wrong intent, only for your own enjoyment.

God doesn't want to waste his blessings. He is the full of wisdom and knowledge. Thus he does choose his children, through them he can perform miracles and bring healing to sick.

God always tests us before he does bless. He is the God of impossible. As you are going through difficulties and praying continuously, but nothing seems to be happened it means God is waiting for that final moment when he can do the impossible. He never works the way we think and expect. He fights when we rest. This is why he asks us to surrender everything in his hands.

Because we can experience his miracles only when we let him to do it!

He will surprise us in many ways. He does it every time. So that he will be glorified and we will give him all credits.

But God wants we listen to him only, not the world. The world will deceive us. We will experience God's miracles when we will spend times with him, in secret and prayers. He will tell us what to do and which way we need to go. He does know our future. He is the alpha and omega. He will lead us the way of righteousness. He will build us. He will discipline us. He will give us chances when we will fail.

Hence God is not common like us.

In everything God deserves glory. You can't count his blessings in your life till the day. Millions of blessings you have already from him. Be grateful to God and he will add you more!

Thank You!

God bless!


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