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Hey 👋 I just created a page here for ROZ. You can now buy me a coffee!


My dear adventurers,

Welcome to the Fiction Realms of the First Dimension. Who am I you ask? I am the Author, and the Author is me. I shall not only act as your story teller on along your journey, but feel free to call upon me if you ever wish to make a deal. I always have a contract for everything you desire, and I promise the price is never…too much to handle.

The time has come for you to adventure into the unknown, braving the dangers of the Fiction Realms. Who knows whom you might encounter along the way, from fighting giant living planet destroyers in space, to going on dates with spiders, to being locked in a replicator house named Charlie, there is always something fun for every player in your party each campaign session.

With seventeen playable races (not even including all the combinations of hybrids and cyborgs), and nine different playable classes, the possibilities of character creation are endless. Within the Rise of Zero manual are all the instructions, mechanics, shops, and sample campaigns to go on endless fun adventures with all your friends. Venture forth adventurers, and let justice always prevail within the Fiction Realms.

From the humblest, and most amazing of all the legendary heroes,

The Author.

P.S. My sentient army of coconuts say hello, and good luck.


--- --- incoming message --- --- ...Today the High Council of Professors as declared a state of emergency to all sectors of space.... ...Evacuation is mandatory...spawn of the creature Cantus have risen by the droves out of the planet Wysterious.... 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444[email protected]#$%[email protected]#$24..... ....4,000 professors went to disarm the creatures to find that Cantus is no longer in control of the creatures.... Transuumission breakming up....44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444.... ....3,998 professors died trying to protect local villagers from the attack by the creatures led by one known threat, King Zero.... ....The Professors are going to war. Run as far away from this as you can.... There will be countless bloodshed.... Let justice prevail.... for the glory of God....The rise of zero has begun… 444444444444444444444444444444444444444..... Transmission lost signal....


Rise of Zero has 17 fully playable races, 9 different classes to choose from, and a max of 80 levels for your character to level up. Complete with multiclassing for players, MultiDMing for up to 4 dungeon masters per campaign, and so much more; the Rise of Zero has everything you need to go on an epic adventure within the many dimensions and worlds of my creation.

This game officially began development 6 years ago, but the worlds, the environments and situations your created characters will go through have been in development since I was child.

Hi, my name is Caleb Dan Gammons, and I am the Author. I am the sole writer of this franchise, though the credit to a majority of the content within Rise of Zero comes from all my friends and family who have helped me and were kind enough to give me their input and feedback.

Rise of Zero is still in the Development phase, as it is still being written. Such a feat though for one person, can be tiresome and does require coffee, so if you are interested in following along with this journey to see Rise of Zero on store shelves, please feel free to purchase me a coffee, there is never a wrong time to drink a cup of coffee.