Rise Of Zero give you the opportunity to expand your creativity and adventures with having up to four Dungeon Masters per campaign.

How does it work?

In the universe which Rise of Zero is set, there are four separate dimensions each with their own set of rules of how the universe functions. There are four beings of extreme importance who act as myths and legends, but if you call upon them for aid in your journey they are quite real and will make you a deal to help your party.

The Creature Cantus: A Spiderlike monster who is the most powerful being in the fiction realms. The Creature Cantus wrote the rulebook for his underlings, the Author, the Editor, and the Publisher, and has control over them at all times.

The Author - One who's job it is to write down all the stories of the fiction realms and who is also a bit...mischievous at times. The Author is extremely powerful but must always obey the instructions of his boss, the Creature Cantus. The Author will always be willing to make a deal with your party. The Author is also afraid deeply of the Publisher at all times because it is in written contract that the Publisher will always have a hunger to devour the Author.

The Editor - One who's job it is to over see and edit all deals made by the Author and the Publisher and make sure that at the end of the day, all the stories are written exactly the way they are supposed to as to not upset the balance of time. The Editor can also make deals of his own but seldom does as he is rarely ever called upon or seen and is the only one of the four who can deny answering someone's call unless that someone is the Creature Cantus. The Editor is also the only one of the three outside of the Creature Cantus who can nullify deals, but must ask permission of the Creature Cantus before doing so.

The Publisher - One who's job it is to ensure that all the stories being written by the Author are being told throughout time and space. The Publisher has a constant hunger to devour the Author due to it being in the rulebook written by the Creature Cantus. Where as the Author makes deals with the consequences in mind, the Publisher will make deals with the party and gives no regard for what happens after. The Publisher loves to create, control, and spread as much chaos in the universe as possible, but is always under the control of his boss, the Creature Cantus.

MultiDMing is your DM taking on these roles in the game.

If you have 1 DM, then they would act as all four of these Beings at given times to be explained in a minute.

If you have 2 DMs, then you would divide up the roles evenly. Each taking two roles apiece to play as through the campaign.

If you have 3 DMs, then you would each take a role of the Author, Editor, and Publisher, and then you would choose which of you will take on the secondary role as the Creature Cantus should the campaign ever have need for it.

If you have four DMs, each of will take one role apiece.

You've chosen your DM roles, GREAT! Now how do you multi-DM a campaign or a session?

When your characters are in the first dimension, the Author is in control as the DM.

When your characters are in the second dimension, the Editor is in control as the DM.

When your characters are in the third dimension, the Publisher is in control as the DM.

Lastly when your characters are in the fourth dimension, the Creature Cantus is in control as the DM.

When you travel from the first dimension, to say the second dimension, the Editor has to go with whatever the Author has laid out for the story, and whenever you decide to travel back to the first dimension or whatever dimension you have to travel to next, the next DM will pick it up from there.

This way, the campaign never gets dull and collectively, think of all the endless possibilities of Adventure you can have if you get multiple DMs collaborating in a room together, working on the same story to walk their players through with their characters.


Multi-DMing will be a blast for you and your players, and it adds so much to the Rise of Zero experience. I look forward to hearing about all the campaigns being told and all the fun that will ensue, once ROZ has been published and released.

Have a great day everyone!