What are the Sanity and Morality Stats defined as in Rise Of Zero:

Sanity: This stat shows the current sanity of your character and may shift based on certain decisions and consequences the character may have to face at the DM’s discretion. Each character begins with 15 sanity points with a max of 20 sanity points and a minimum of 0 sanity points. 15 sanity points means your normal, having 20 sanity points means your very normal and never make any sort of crazy decisions like leaping off a waterfall to catch a rabid squirrel eating your fruit loops, and having 0 points means your totally insane. Will Power gets modifiers by sanity: if the stat of sanity is 10, then Will Power stat get a +1 modifier, if sanity is 5, Will Power get a +2 modifier, if sanity is 0, Will Power get a +3 modifier.

Morality: Certain decisions will influence the moral behavior of your character. Each character begins with 50 moral points with a max of 100 moral points and a minimum of 0 moral points. 100 being very moral to 0 being very villainous. As the party progresses through the game, their choices will affect this number up or down and further determine if the character will be perceived as a hero and more prone to good choices or as a villain and more prone to be a villain and make bad choices to the NPCs that the party will interact with.

As the DM, you get to decide when to give your players points of morality and sanity and when to take them away based on how crazy or practical your players are making their decisions. If you aren't sure how to have your NPCs interact with your players after certain important decisions have been made, it may be a good idea to ask your players what their current number is in those stats. This will tell you whether or not the NPCs are now seeing your players in a completely different way.