Setting Of the Game:

Rise Of Zero is set primarily set in the first of four major dimensions at a critical time in history when a beastly king named Zero rises forth to conquer all the races in existence. During this time in history, there is a universal police force in place, known as the Professors. Thus once King Zero started his war, the Professors were the first to be on the frontlines fighting back.

In this time of history, it was simply thought impossible to defeat Professors given their OP abilities and power with a force of nature known as Proportion. Proportion is a power source that is ten times more powerful than any other force of nature, and it is also always ten times more unpredictable as to what it will do. Thus every opponent the Professors had ever faced before King Zero was quickly dealt with before any real harm could be done. The Professors had become arrogant in their ways and thought that it wouldn't be nothing to take down King Zero. The Professors were wrong.

During their first encounter with King Zero, the Professors only sent four thousand of their troops. King Zero lulled the professors into a false sense of security luring them deeper and deeper into space. That's when King Zero launched a cantus missile into space. The cantus missile nullified all proportion in the atmosphere around the area where the Professors were gathered leaving them utterly defenseless.

Out of 4,000 professors, only two survived. Shock and fear swept throughout the universe, and now all races must join in fighting for their survival with the Professors or else all hope is lost forever.

You and your party will set forth into all kinds of adventures, as you fight to end King Zero and save the universe!

Playable Races of ROZ:

Shroud - Shape shifting shadow beings.

Terror - Any type of being/creature one can fear.

Anime - All types of Anime beings/creatures.

Origin Earth Humans - Humanity here on Origin Earth, you and I are Origin Earth Humans.

Robot - Mechanical sentient androids.

Animilarian Cartoons - Any type of animal/creature Cartoon character.

Fruitzerkers - Fruit bat humanoid beings who, instead of sucking blood, are obsessed with sucking fruit.

Congen - Bull like humanoid shape shifters.

Nyad - Water based humanoid fantasy beings.

Cordinels - Angelic warriors.

Elves - Fantasy beings with pointy ears, usually tall.

Limpidio - Phantom-like humanoid beings who blend into their surroundings really well but can still be seen if you pay attention.

Dwarves - Fantasy beings with a thing for mining gold, usually short.

Human - Clones of Origin Earth Humans scattered throughout and living in the four dimensions.

Humanitarian Cartoons - All types of humanoid cartoons outside of Anime.

Video Game Characters - Any type of Video Game character you wish your character to be.

Growler - A anthropomorphic wolf race who live in a very fascist military culture.

Available Classes you can choose from:

Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Bounty Hunter, Healer, Merchant, Rogue, Warrior, Mentalist

Other Overview Information:

The base game manual will feature a variety of exciting features, such as multi-DMing where up to four Dungeon Masters can all collectively control a single campaign, multiclassing, a DM's guide, and much more. All of which will be discussed in detail in upcoming posts and podcasts. Some of these will be made public and some will exclusive for those how join as members. The game is hopefully to be released around December of 2022, more updates will come concerning that as well.