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Sep 26, 2022

Week of September 26th - October 2nd

From Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild: Mother of Life - Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother


The moon is still in Libra, following yesterday's new moon, as we begin the week. If you find your thoughts are wavering today, it is because you are in the process of finding and creating better harmony and alignment within. Try not to worry so much about where your thoughts are moving. Simply go along for the ride and observe. When the moon shifts into Scorpio tomorrow the voice of your truth will be much clearer, and you will know your place of alignment.

We have Venus entering Libra on 29th, until October 22nd. Libra is ruled by Venus, so the pair are comfortable together. During these next few weeks, our focus may turn to the arts and beauty. In relationships, be careful not to overlook important details or stay quiet to keep the peace. Beware of codependent behaviors and the desire to people-please. Align with the beauty of your balanced heart and mind; use the arts to help you gain deeper understanding of what is happening within and around you.

Mercury goes direct on October 2nd. We end the weekend with a Sagittarius moon and a shift into a Capricorn moon in the wee morning hours of Sunday.


I did not have time to record a video reading for this week's energy. Spirit still wanted me to put a message out though, and they guided me to the Isis Oracle for a card today.

The message coming through for you today is one of life. Spirit says you may feel stagnant or stuck. You may feel like your routine has solidified and there is no fresh air in your experience. You may have built walls around yourself for protection. You may have created a comfort zone and never left it. But now you are feeling the call to move differently. You are feeling called to try new things, you're craving new experiences, you want to learn and grow and love more deeply, and in new ways.

If you said "yes," to any of the above, this message is for you.

This week, with the moon signs we have and the transits occurring, it is the perfect time for you to go within and be real with yourself. A lot has happened this year alone and you are not the same person you were at the start of it. As you evolve, your life calls for evolution. Think of a tortoise - his shell can only grow if he is given plenty of room for it to grow. If you have a pet tortoise and you never get him a bigger enclosure, he will be stunted (which is awful, by the way, don't do that! It defies nature!) - which is exactly what you are doing to yourself by staying in a space that you have become too big for.

You don't have to rush and make crazy changes right now. Start where you can. Tap into your Divine Feminine energy, connect with your inner Mother of Life. Seek her guidance - where does she want you to go? What would nourish your soul most at this time?

You may wish to travel. You may wish to join a class. You may wish to learn or develop a new skill. You may wish to explore your community and find places you've not been, meet people you've not met. Perhaps you feel called to make a meal you've never cooked before, or read a different genre of book than your normal go-to. These are things you can start doing NOW that will impact the rest of your experience.

There may be things you want to do that feel much bigger than the things I just listed above. You may wish to move towns/states/countries. You may wish to start a brand-new career, get married, have children, start a business, etc. You may want to live a completely different lifestyle than the one you've been living for the past few years. But here's the thing, changes like that rarely happen overnight. You may feel like you are not in a place to begin living the new lifestyle you want. If this is true, be sure to examine why you feel that you are unable to live the lifestyle you want. Perhaps you feel you don't have enough money, or maybe you feel like you can't just up and move, or quit your job without a plan. Right? All valid reasons. But then, do something to change that. If you need more money, how can you save? How can you change your mindset to attract more money? If you need a plan for work, start thinking about where you could see yourself going. Etc. etc. etc.

Now, perhaps you feel like you cannot change your lifestyle to the one you'd rather be living because you are afraid. Maybe you're afraid of how you will look to others, maybe you are afraid because "that's not me," or maybe you are hesitant to leave behind a space that has been so comfortable for you.

No matter your reasoning for being afraid, know that your fear is valid. It takes courage to live more authentically. It takes strength and determination to change your whole life. It is not an easy task as you get started. And even as you're doing it, you may still feel that initial fear and want to run back to what you know. Taking a dive into the unknown is unpredictable. But if you do it because your soul is guiding you to, then you will always be taken care of by the Divine and you will always end up right where you need to be.

Whenever we listen to the calling of our soul we are rewarded with abundance of all kinds. If your soul is calling you to expand, you had better listen. You do not want to stunt your growth and block your abundance. You want to align with the blessings meant for you. Trust that the Universe will catch you and carry you into your beautiful new chapter. But it all starts with you.

So this week, think about what you really want. Utilize the Scorpio moon tomorrow through Thursday to dive deep within your psyche. Who are you? What would nourish you? Even if it was something the old you wouldn't do, accept it. You are no longer the old you. You have grown and blossomed anew.

See if you can clarify your desires to one word and make that your focus. For example, if you want to travel, you may be seeking freedom. How can you invite freedom into your current experience now? Maybe you can't afford your dream vacation yet, or maybe you are too busy with other life things to take that vacation right now. So what can you do? Can you visit a new town in your area? Can you take a stay-cation? Can you go do something all by yourself to hone in on that freedom energy?

This is what Spirit wants you to focus on this week. Start where you can, because the little things lead into the big things.

Have a magical week!


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