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Weekly Reading: 12.06.21 - 12.12.21

Dec 06, 2021

Beginning of the Week: King of Swords

Something is being revealed to you or someone in your life. This is something that you may have felt intuitively, but did not have proof of. Someone has been lying or deceitful - but they were being this way to protect their own vulnerability. They are afraid of being real and so they lied, thinking that would be better for them. You are gaining physical proof and confirmation of this as the week begins.

Mid-Week: 3 of Pentacles & 8 of Cups

You may go back and forth on your feelings towards this person this week. You are not sure if you want to keep them in your life or not. You are tuned into your higher wisdom, so you know that this person did not intentionally try to hurt you. However, you also know your worth. So you are wondering if it is worth keeping this person in your life. It is up to you what you decide to do.

Overall Flow: King of Cups

This week is opening the vault to emotional vulnerability. So, whether some truth is revealed regarding someone in your life this week or not - or perhaps some inner truth of your own is made clearer to you - this week is setting the stage for deeper intimacy and emotional vulnerability. This could be with the one person coming through here, or it could be in all of your relationships. Don't forget, I'm reading for a collective here. Use your intuition to decipher how this fits for you.

All I can tell you is that something is becoming clearer. This could be due to Neptune stationing direct last week. Whatever truth is revealed to you now, whether it is your own or someone else's, is opening you and the people involved up for deeper intimacy and vulnerability. And of course, this all ties in with the new era and new two-year cycle we have welcomed in with this eclipse season.

Crazy how it all connects, isn't it?

Love you!

Deck: Sexual Magic Tarot



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