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Hey Guys. So life at the moment is a bit pretty weird right now. So many have been affected with what is happening especially the music industry. As an artist, I have tried put my all in the past year to bring you fresh music and also bring a new series called Music Heals online which has been growing since last March with all your love and support. 

As much as I love music and creating for you all, I am starting to feel the strain of not being able to perform live and invest in my creation to progress forward as an artist, musician and host. I am independent, I do this all by myself which means sometimes putting myself out a little...

So here is where you come in. If you can help contribute towards progressing me and my amazing Music Heals, that would mean the world to me. This way I can bring you my best and keep you updated with all the developments. I too understand if you can't and just by supporting me through likes and sharing my music is a blessing too - any little helps. 

Buy me a coffee, be by my side in my musical journey and I promise to give you the best I possibly can. 

Sending all my love, music and gratitude to you.

Rita Morar

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