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Award winning Scottish actress and comedian somewhere in between affording a cup of coffee and winning an Oscar.

Hello Everyone. I thought I’d start one of these as most of my stand up material is about the fur coat nae knickers lifestyle I lead hahaha. I have lots of followers from around the world who don’t get to see me live so you’re more than welcome to buy me a coffee instead! 

I really don’t need anything more hardcore than coffee, believe me. 

All your support is so so welcome and appreciated and I love you all.

Stuart Powell
Stuart Powell bought 10 coffees.

Don't drink them all at once

So generous Stuart. Really appreciate it! 💜

Mark Mclaughlin
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Thanks Mark!!

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Gotta support the Slutty Little Goldfish☺

Hahahahah! So kind thanks Dale!

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So so generous thank you!!! 

Julie bought 5 coffees.

Great to hear you recently on bbcscot with Tam... Hope all going ok sweetie x

Julie thanks so much so kind!!!