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Towards my Lifetime Dream

Apr 11, 2021

This would be my first post in #BuyMeACoffee. I am delighted to use this platform to help me fulfill my dream.

I'm a big dreamer. And I will fight for my dream until they come true for the rest of my life.

Ever since I completed the whole story in my mind two years ago for TAHEL, I had been trying so hard to put it into writing, so everyone could enjoy it. Then I finished its first 3 chapters as a novel. Because I was extremely excited, I sent it over to my friends and let them read it. Unfortunately, no one had actually read it through the end because not everybody loves reading books nowadays in our generation of shorter attention span and visual media influence. So, it was a bummer. But I realized I had to do something about it.

Eventually, I had to take a leap of faith and make it into something more interesting. Now, it will be a simple easy-to-read web novel Tahel - book series that will soon level up into animation. It's going to be something new and entirely original, especially to create a book outside the bounds of typical storytelling. Not to mention, how it will be influenced with supernatural twists and turns from my all-time favorites - Japanese Shonen Manga (Naruto), High Fantasy Novel (The Lord of the Rings), Suspense Thrillers (Da Vinci Code), Anime (Naruto/Bleach), and Twisted Supernatural Movies (The Sixth Sense).

So, if you want to see how my dream goes, please support me by buying me a beer or becoming a member of my "Support Tahel - a book series" Membership Tiers for only $5 a month for exclusive access to posts, character designs and previews. Or if you want to have a major influence on my book by adding new ideas like items, skills, characters, or plots, you can also support me all the way for only $20 a month. Your support will never go to waste for I will use it to pursue Tahel - the animation once I achieve the minimum cost. I will be looking for animators to make an animation for each chapter to make Tahel more exciting and easily accessible to everyone.

Currently, I am happily juggling my day job as a software engineer and this writer's dream of mine after work. I do wish I could write full-time. But I am contented, now that I am moving slowly towards my dream every single day of my life with the help of this platform and with your undying support. So, help me, God.

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