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In fact, Roadiver's founders Fatih Küçükkarakurt and Murat Temiz have an exciting and inspiring story. They had a complex educational life. The schools they studied have been closed. They became unemployed. They had many difficulties financially. When they finally spoke one day between them, they came to the that conclusion. They had to somehow reach those who were like themselves. The world was a perfect place. They had to explore everywhere. Because human life was progressing very fast. They wanted to share all their experiences and research with travelers who looked like them. They wanted to set up a website for this. And here they are.

There were so many travel enthusiasts in the world. They tried to reach them after a little research. In fact, most travelers were trying to travel as much as they could and learn to new cultures. But because of some material and moral impossibilities, they could not do it.

The human life is really short and the Earth is not as big as it is thought. However, there are still a lot of places to travel. That's why Roadiver was founded. Roadiver has existed to be a pioneer of a trend where all travelers can act, meet and help each other.