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Paving your path to becoming a doctor in the UK

Hi 👋

We're just two international medical graduates who work as doctors in the NHS, and we strive to produce and develop free content that helps doctors from around the world realize their dream to work in the UK. 

What we've done so far!

-Made free courses in our RoadToUK Academy

-Covered important topics and pathways on our YouTube Channel

-Shown the life in UK in our Instagram 

-Shared important updates on our Twitter

-Created a mentorship program to help newly registered IMG doctors understand the NHS

-Structured a worldwide ambassadorship program for final year medical students keen to join the NHS

-Made a weekly newsletter to provide relevant topics and fun information to our subscribers

What we're planning to do!

-Have more articles covering the experience of IMGs from all over the world

-More consultant interviews regarding career progression in particular specialties

-Expand our specialty-specific pathway videos/articles

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